Shinto Studies in the West

The Institute for Medieval Japanese Studies
will host an informal workshop on

Toward a Re-examination of University Curricula and 
Future Research Directions  

March 5-6, 1998  
403 Kent Hall
Columbia University
New York City    

Opening Session:  

Thursday, March 5, 1998
7:30 pm
Illustrated Lecture (in Japanese) by
Manabe Shunshô, Director
The Kanagawa kenritsu Kanazawa Bunko
"Kanazawa Bunko no Mikkyô to 
Chûsei Shinto Shiryô"    

(in English)  

Friday, March 6, 1998
10:00 am - 5:00 pm    

Except for the keynote presentation by Professor Manabe, there will be no formal papers, but participants are free to prepare oral presentations on issues related to the theme of the workshop so that we may discuss them fully. It is hoped that the workshop will review the state of the field and will bring to the fore the problems that now hinder advancement of this field. Some areas for discussion will include the political and strategic difficulties of doing research in Japan on Shinto; women and Shinto in pre-modern Japan; Shinto and the Japanese literary canon; art historical problems; anthropological problems; and theoretical conflicts in Western academia. We hope to be able to make recommendations for future research projects and set up a network for the exchange of information and support. Graduate students too are warmly welcomed.   


Funding is not available for participants’ transportation or lodging except for those who will definitely be making a presentation.   


Shinto Workshop
March 5-6, 1998

Although it will not commit you in any way, it would help us if prospective participants would kindly register so we may accurately estimate space requirements. Last minute attendance of course is possible. All those who register to attend will receive updated and more detailed information in February. 
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