The Chino Kaori Memorial 'New Visions' Lectures

A book series based on annual lectures honoring the memory of the late Professor Chino Kaori whose early death cut short her pioneering work on gender and political insights in the visual arts.

Image The First Chino Kaori Lecture
Resurrecting Women:
Evoking the Memory of Woman Who Lived in Faith

by Wakakuwa Midori
Kyoto, May, 2003.

$15 plus shipping + handling, ISBN4-87974-042-X-C3022, 85 pp., 3 color plates, Medieval Japanese Studies Institute, Kyoto, 2004. Italian Art historian Prof. Wakakuwa explores the relationship between women and the religious faith that both sustained and oppressed them in medieval Japan and the faith of Japanese women converts to Christianity and their martyrdom during the turbulent 16th to 17th centuries.

Image The Second Chino Kaori Lecture
Women Artists:
the Japanese Impulse

by Linda Nochlin
Heidelberg, Oct, 2004.

$15 plus shipping + handling, ISBN4-9902832-1-X,75pp., 24 black and white plates, Medieval Japanese Studies Institute, Kyoto, 2005. Prof. Nochlin demonstrates the impact of Japanese Ukiyoe woodblock print artists on American women artists such of Mary Cassatt and Georgia O’Keeffe. Includes an interview of Prof. Nochlin by Prof. Midori Yoshimoto on Modern Japanese women artists.

Image The Third Chino Kaori Lecture
Requiem for the 20th Century:
Paintings and Music Come Together
to Tell the Tale of an Era

by Tomiyama Taeko & Takahashi Yuji
Tokyo, Dec, 2005.

$15 plus shipping + handling, ISBN4-9902832-2-8, 56 pp., 17 black and white plates, Medieval Japanese Studies Institute, Kyoto, 2006. Collaborative artists Tomiyama Taeko and Takahashi Yuji present unique slide works which combine music, poetry, and art creating a new genre of artistic expression surrounding the tragedies of the Japanese colonial period in Korea and other effects of Japanese militarism.

The Fourth Chino Kaori Lecture
Female Revolt in Male Cultural Imagination in Contemporary Japan

by Sharon Kinsella
Kyoto, 2006.

Modern media specialist Sharon Kinsella analyses high school girl sexuality and other forms of female revolt in contemporary Japanese manga, anime, and film as essentially the products of male imaginative creations in the Japanese media.

The Fifth Chino Kaori Lecture
Contemporary Art by Women in Korea:
The Creative Work of Yun Suknam

by Kim Hyeshin
Tokyo, 2007.

Gakushuin University Lecturer and Associate Professor of the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kim Hyeshin lectured on modern Korean women’s artists and their way of expressing their art and their gender with special focus on the works and activities of the artist Yun Suk Nam.

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