Spring 2006 Calendar of Events

March 24, 2006 (Friday)

Celestial Sounds: Japanese Sacred Court Music and Recent Reverberations

The President’s Room, Faculty House, Columbia University

5:30 – 7:30PM

Presenting renown musicians originating from the Reigakusha orchestra

Hitomi Nakamura – hichiriki

Mayumi Miyata – shō

Takeshi Sasamoto – ryūteki

with commentary by Professor Naoko Terauchi

and New York artists

Marie Dalby – viola da gamba

Nancy Kito – harpsichord

The gagaku repertoire preserves musical modes no longer extant in their countries of origin in Central Asia, Tibet, China, and Korea. Its orchestrations have accompanied sacred and secular practices in Japan continually since the 8th century down to the present day. And yet in the words of Henry Cowell, “It is the most avant garde music in the world today. I love it.”

The concert will conclude with a world premiere of Koyomi (Almanac) by Hiroya Miura, featuring Mayumi Miyata (shō), Nancy Kito (harpsichord), and Marie Dalby (viola da gamba).

Concert Program

March 25, 2006 (Saturday)


10:00AM – 4:00PM

Room 403, Kent Hall, Columbia University

Professional musicians, composers as well as newcomers will gain hands-on experience with gagaku instruments, guiding by the visiting artists.

Workshop photographs


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